What do you think about Wendy Williams telling Dr. Oz she won’t get vaccinated for Coronavirus?? No one’s died from the vaccine, but 500K have died from COVID-19. Do the math. SUBSCRIBE MORE VIDEOS WEBSITE FOLLOW Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #RickeySmiley

As we know, many African Americans are skeptical of the coronavirus vaccine, and Dr. Collier debunks all of the vaccine myths. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Today the show discusses reasons why people are choosing to not get the #COVIDvaccine. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

New York Times travel reporter Tariro Mzezewa shares what to expect when traveling while traveling during the pandemic, and what are vaccine passports. #travelduringcovid #vaccinepassports See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Women over 40 years old who are deciding to get the coronavirus vaccine need to schedule it around their mammogram.  See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

#Coronavirus cases are not going down, breaking the record of 16,000 deaths over the weekend. The UK is set to administer COVID-19 vaccines today and #RashidaJones makes history at MSNBC. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Dr.Collier talks about the volunteers who received the #covoronavirus vaccine and the side effect of #BellPalsy. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

#Coronavirus vaccines are on the way and here’s who will be getting them first. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Special K is coming for everybody who says they don’t trust the new coronavirus vaccine…is this you? See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris joined the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to discuss her experience taking the coronavirus vaccine, what she thinks her biggest obstacles will be when she gets in office regarding distribution, and what the Senate election in Georgia can mean for the entire United States. See more at the! * […]

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