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Bishop Sapp gives an exciting and encouraging word from God as we continue to endure the worldwide pandemic. Scripture reference Ephesians 3:14-21.

3rd message of the series “Just Because I’m Functioning Doesn’t Mean I’m Healed” Sunday December 15, 2019. Scripture reference Nehemiah 6:1-4.

Bishop Sapp takes us on an insightful journey, unpacking the significance of an intimate relationship with our God. Scripture reference 1 Chronicles 4:1.

Bishop Sapp concludes the “Self Care” series with a word of hope and encouragement during this trying time in our local communities, nation, and across the …

Bishop Sapp takes the church to another level of physical and spiritual preservation as he continues to unpack and pour into the body of Christ more from the …

Bishop Sapp takes the Vessel & all in attendance on a journey of encouragement & insight for Pastoral Bible Study Tuesday February 11, 2020. Scripture …

Bishop Sapp delivers some encouragement and strength as The Chosen Vessel brings Pastoral Bible Study to all who tune in. Scripture reference Isaiah 59:19.

Bishop Sapp comes to us with a word that reassures and strengthens the faith of the believer. Scripture reference Philippians 4:6-7.

Tuesday night is live indeed as Bishop Sapp issues the challenge to the people of God to stand and move in faith during the trying times of a global pandemic.

Closing segment from Sunday’s message at The Chosen Vessel. The message is the beginning of a series under the same title. Scripture reference II Samuel …

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