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Breonna Taylor FamilyBy EMILY SHAPIRO, ABC News (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is defending his decision to not give the grand jury on the case surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor the option to consider murder charges. “It was not our judgment that there should be other charges that the grand jury […]

Marilyn Nieves/iStockBy STEPHANIE WASH, ABC News (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, the officer shot and wounded during the raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment has filed a counterclaim against Kenneth Walker following Walker’s lawsuit against the city of Louisville, numerous Louisville Metro Police Department officers, and city and state officials. In the filing, Mattingly’s attorneys […]

Courtesy of Breonna Taylor’s FamilyBy EMILY SHAPIRO, ABC News (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — When Breonna Taylor’s door flew open in the middle of the night, her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, said what was going through his head was, “Protect Breonna, protect myself.” In an interview with ABC News and Louisville’s Courier Journal Wednesday, Walker recounted the night […]

Breonna Taylor FamilyBy BILL HUTCHINSON, ABC News (NEW YORK) — In the seven months since he and his police colleagues executed a warrant at Breonna Taylor’s apartment that resulted in her being killed in a hail of 32 bullets, Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly said on Tuesday that he’s pondered what they could have done differently. In […]

ABC News/The Louisville Courier JournalBy ALLIE YANG, ABC News (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — For the first time, the police officer injured in Breonna Taylor’s shooting death is speaking out — Jonathan Mattingly sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News and The Louisville Courier Journal Tuesday. Mattingly told “Good Morning America” co-anchor Michael Strahan that […]

Courtesy of Breonna Taylor’s FamilyBy KARMA ALLEN, ABC News (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — A Kentucky judge has ruled in favor of an anonymous grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case, allowing them to come forward and speak publicly about court proceedings. In a court filing on Tuesday, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connell ordered that grand […]

Marilyn Nieves/iStockBy KARMA ALLEN, ABC News (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — Kentucky’s attorney general and the attorney for former Louisville Metro Police Department officer Brett Hankison combined forces in a joint motion earlier this week asking a judge to revoke a previous order to release evidence in the Breonna Taylor case to the public. Attorney General Daniel […]

iStock/CatEyePerspectiveBy: KARMA ALLEN, ABC News (NEW YORK) — An attorney for an anonymous grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case responded to a motion filed by the Kentucky attorney general’s office to stop jurors from speaking publicly on court proceedings. Kevin Glogower, who is representing the anonymous grand juror, filed the reply on Sunday. Kentucky […]

DNY59/iStockBy BILL HUTCHINSON, ABC News (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — When a Kentucky grand jury failed to return homicide charges against three white police officers in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor (in fact, two of the officers were not charged at all), the scenario sounded all too familiar to attorney Tony Rothert. That included lingering questions […]

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