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Abel Uribe/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Since an initial voluntary recall on J.M. Smucker peanut butter in May, multiple other products — from protein power snacks to baked goods — have been added to a growing list of related items consumers should avoid, the Food and Drug Administration announced recently. […]

Kevin Mazur/WireImage (NEW YORK) — Queen Latifah is speaking out about her weight and why she’s angry at having been categorized as obese. The actress and singer opened up on a new episode of “Red Table Talk” about the day a personal trainer told her she would be considered obese. “She’s showing me different body […]

Michelle Arnold / EyeEm/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Good extra virgin olive oil has long been hailed for its associated health benefits — and now, some social media feeds are overflowing with users encouraging others to hop on the trend of taking a sip first thing in the morning. But nutrition specialists ABC News spoke […]

Stephanie Schmidt (NEW YORK) — Stephanie Schmidt, a 30-year-old neonatal intensive care unit nurse in New York, was eight weeks pregnant when she walked through the doors of her OBGYN for a routine visit to establish prenatal care. What started as a routine visit for Schmidt ended with her doctor finding a breast lump on […]

Jackyenjoyphotography/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Despite a rather unpleasant bout with COVID-19 this past January, Jennifer McDonnell was relieved to think that she, and her family, could finally return to normal life, with a potentially strong immune protection stemming from both vaccination and a past infection. “We had been cautious, but once we [got COVID-19] […]

Morsa Images/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — With vaccine immunity waning, and concerns over a fall surge growing, officials from Moderna announced on Wednesday that data from its study on Omicron-containing bivalent booster, revealed that it offers superior antibody response against omicron — one month after injection — compared to the company’s current vaccine. Moderna Chief […]

Thir Sakdi Phu Cxm / EyeEm (NEW YORK) — Racial and ethnic minorities in the United States continue to be disproportionately burdened by cancer, a new report suggests. Published by the American Association for Cancer Research on Wednesday, the report found that Black, Hispanic, Asian and Indigenous patients are more likely to be diagnosed with […]

Jon Cherry/Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILE (WASHINGTON) — The Food and Drug Administration’s independent panel of advisers has voted in favor of the FDA authorizing Novavax, a protein-based vaccine, which could soon be the fourth vaccine for COVID-19 authorized in the U.S. Although the U.S. already has three other COVID vaccines, some experts are excited […]

Geo Piatt/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Ramon Benavides, 2022’s Texas Teacher of the Year, choked up, clutching his infant son as his mind raced with thoughts of the recent mass shootings in his home state. From the attack at an El Paso Walmart in 2019 to the Uvalde school massacre, the tragedies conjure up unimaginable […]

Ray Kachatorian/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Over the past decade, the number of children overdosing on melatonin, a sleep aid, has increased by 530%, according to a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The largest increase, a 38% jump, came in the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, which the […]

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