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Source: PAUL J. RICHARDS / Getty Even though it’s probably (read: definitely) too late, Joe Biden is letting his supporters know that he shouldn’t have said that now-infamous comment about what he really thinks of undecided black voters. The Presidential hopeful made the controversial statement on Friday at the end of his interview with Charlamagne Tha […]

Source: Moses Robinson / Getty Tamia and Eric Benet treated the internet to something special yesterday and we should all be grateful for their generosity because it is truly a gift to be able to hear the sounds of their voices. The duo linked up online to sing their timeless classic “Spend My Life With […]

Source: Getty Images / Getty After months of wearing suspiciously unblended lace front wigs, a resurfaced song by Doja Cat called “Dindu Nuffin” and some weird online activity has fans accusing the rapper of being a self-hating, anti-black Nazi lover on the low. Doja is being dragged for allegedly kee-kee’ing with racists on a site […]

Source: D.L. Chandler / D.L. Chandler The 21st Century has seen revivals of Prohibition Era cocktails with an almost endless array of twists and turns on the classics. One such modern drink that derived from a whiskey-based cocktail is the American Trilogy, a boozy and inventive take on the Old Fashioned. The American Trilogy’s journey […]

Source: Thitiphat Khuankaew / EyeEm / Getty Breonna Taylor‘s boyfriend Kenneth Walker was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer after he shot one of the unannounced bacon boys trying to defend her life. Kenneth rightfully thought that the men with guns who kicked down his door were home invaders coming to do […]

Source: Marka / Getty A police officer in Kaplan, Louisiana was fired after he suggested it was “unfortunate” more black people haven’t died from the coronavirus. According to reports from local CBS affiliate KLFY, the officer, Steven Aucoin, wrote the horrible comment on a live Facebook chat with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. Now, according to Kaplan’s […]

Source: Prince Williams / Getty The NFL has a newly designed website that’s already stirring up some controversy. Radio personality and TV host Nessa Diab took took Twitter this week to call out the organization after she discovered that her boyfriend and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was falsely listed as “retired” on his profile. […]

We’re baaaack with another essential collection of hilarious tweets and memes that got us through the week before Memorial Day wekend while overshadowing triggering COVID updates that get more ominous by the week. At this point, we’re either stressed tf out, prepping our quarantine cookout spread, tired of washing dishes over and over (and over) […]

Source: Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images / Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images CBS’s hit show The Good Fight is without a doubt one of the best shows on television at the moment. The show perfectly combines real-life scenarios and the overbearing political opinions in any workplace in a way that really hits home. Season four […]

Source: Revolt TV / Revolt TV As November gets closer and closer, it’s almost time for everyone to show up at the polls and either vote to make the ongoing circus stop or fail to show up and let it continue. With the pathetic response to the coronavirus pandemic being seen by all, many would […]

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