Warner Bros. Home Entertainment After years of hints and being embraced by the queer community, Velma, the bespectacled brains of the Scooby-Doo team is canonically a lesbian. In the new movie, Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!, Velma’s famous glasses are figuratively — and literally — steamed up by a female character named Coco Diablo. The clip […]

Spyglass Media Group A reboot of the iconic horror franchise Hellraiser makes its debut at Beyond Fest in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday evening, ahead of its exclusive debut on Hulu Friday. Director David Bruckner, veteran of the horror hits The Ritual and The Night House, takes over Clive Barker‘s frightening franchise for the new film. In it, Hulu teases, “a young woman […]

ABC/Michael Le Brecht II “Sometimes, we go too far. I have,” Pete Davidson admits in a brand-new commercial that begins with him dozily strolling into a Taco Bell. “And that’s why Taco Bell has hired me to make an apology video.” He then turns the camera to a cashier. “Say you’re sorry,” he tells her, […]

Disney+ The 14 remaining couples will be shaken and stirred — more than usual — on Monday night’s installment of Dancing with the Stars on Disney+ as the iconic music of the James Bond films takes center stage. The special theme celebrates the 60th birthday of the spy series’ first film, Dr. No, starring Sean […]

Spyglass Media Group On October 4, a reboot of the classic horror franchise Hellraiser comes to haunt Hulu. Odessa A’zion, the real-life daughter of Better Things‘ Pamela Adlon, plays Riley, who comes to learn it isn’t advisable to mess around with mysterious black magic boxes.  Doing so brings other-dimensional creatures called cenobites to Riley’s world, led by the iconic […]

Apple TV+ Fans can finally get their first look at Will Smith in the new trailer to Antoine Fuqua‘s fugitive slave drama, Emancipation. The film had its debut on Saturday, with a special Washington, D.C., screening during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Legislative Conference, but it will hit theaters nationwide on December 2 and Apple […]

Sony Pictures Bullet Train, the action comedy starring Brad Pitt and directed by his former stunt double-turned John Wick director David Leitch, has crossed the hundred million dollar mark. It’s no small feat for a post-pandemic summer movie that didn’t involve superheroes or Tom Cruise in a cockpit. What’s more, Bullet Train sped past the […]

Good Morning America Kim Kardashian is as famous for her business savvy as for her celebrity, but she’s just settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for her part in improperly promoting a cryptocurrency asset. The Kardashians star has settled with the government watchdog for “$1.26 million in penalties, disgorgement, and interest,” according to […]

Marvel Studios On Monday, Marvel Studios released the action-packed official trailer to the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. As the teaser did, the trailer shows the technologically advanced African kingdom coming to grips with the loss of its King T’Challa, who was played by the late Chadwick Boseman. It also shows conflict with another kingdom, […]

ABC While mum was the word even when he was at the D23 expo, rumors have it that Harrison Ford could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thunderbolts.  The project was teased by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige at the event, where Ford promoting his upcoming fifth Indiana Jones adventure. While nothing was mentioned about Ford at the time, it’s rumored the 80-year-old […]

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