The lingering offseason drama in the NFL has surrounded quarterbacks, almost exclusively. Who knows where Baker Mayfield will land, and when he will land there, and how much of his salary the Browns will eat to facilitate the move. If Jimmy Garoppolo can in fact ramp up a throwing program in July after his shoulder […]

Who doesn’t love fearless predictions? Especially in the dog days of May, with the draft now a week ago and real football still months away? The prime free agents are already signed. We’ve seen more blockbuster deals than anyone could have anticipated. Rosters are well taking shape. We can start to think we know things […]

Perhaps no team did more to alter its fortunes this weekend than the lowly Detroit Lions. I love what they did. And, much more importantly, evaluators I reached out to in the aftermath of the draft felt the same way. If this franchise finally gets turned around, if Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes accomplish what […]

The NFL draft, from what I am told, has become one of the most widely bet upon sports events in this country. Not exactly an upset, considering the draft becoming a year-round cottage industry, the nexus of pro and college football fandom and the multitude of ways to make a wager or two over this […]

The Eagles‘ sweeping draft-pick swap with the Saints this week wasn’t really about next year’s supposedly improved quarterback draft class. It was, at its core, about asset reallocation and balance and sustained team building. And it makes total sense. Philadelphia and New Orleans swapped first-round picks for 2022 and, along the way, the Eagles picked […]

One must be careful and diligent when putting too much stock in what is said in press conference settings this time of year, especially. But spending some time around Eagles coach Nick Sirianni during his media session at the just completed NFL owners meetings, I came away convinced he is all in on seeing if […]

For years in this space we have been begging the Atlanta Falcons to grasp who they are, embrace their requisite rebuild and to trade quarterback Matt Ryan. And now that they have finally done it, it begs more questions than answers. The timing, frankly, could not be more incongruent. Once again, the Falcons under owner […]

Jason La Canfora dissects what the stunning deal means for the Raiders, the Packers and the rest of the NFL Mar 17, 2022 at 9:48 pm ET 4 min read Another day, another absolute blockbuster trade made by an AFC West team. Thursday, it was the Raiders landing Davante Adams. Friday? Who knows. We are […]

The NFL offseason is already in full swing. Cap cut season is upon us. The combine is this week. Teams can apply franchise tags. It’s on. No matter that the official start of the league year isn’t for two weeks. The business of football is already at the fore. Teams have long decided on their […]

A few years have passed since the football world collectively pondered whether or not NFL players would begin retiring, or stepping away, at the heights of their careers at a more rapid rate. The more we learned about concussions, the more players starting finding their voice and expressing the interests beyond the game, the higher […]

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